EvoWood launches 3.5mm thick solid wood sheets in vibrant patterns: The Design Series

18th February 2019: EvoWood, the wood engineering brand created by woodpreneur, Atul Marwah, recently unveiled its Design Series, 3.5 mm thick EvoLlae sheets that carefully assimilate the various aspects of different wood species, such as color, texture and grain structure into a myriad of new combinations that represent the inherent harmony of the material.

Key features of the Design Series wooden sheets include:

  • Availability in sizes up to 8 feet by 2 feet;
  • Roots, grains and colors that create unmatched, unique designs and patterns;
  • Eco-friendly material optimizing the usage of wood with creative designing;
  • Used to create distinctive table tops and highlighters in ceilings, floorings, walls, doors
  • Easy coverage of surfaces of any size to give uniform and symmetrical appearance.

Carrying the legacy forward, Avijit Marwah, fifth-generation woodpreneur and Director EvoWood says,

“Wood is one of the most versatile materials with innumerable design possibilities. At EvoWood, our aim is to continuously innovate and come up with fresher designs to provide creative tools to the design community in the interiors industry. With the launch of the Design Series, we are creating abstract and geometric designs and patterns using roots, grain orientation and color of various wood species in different combinations.”

EvoWood caters to the residential, commercial and hospitality markets across India and has plans to enter the global markets in the near future.

Price range starts from Rs. 600-900 per square foot.

About EvoWood
Launched in 2017 by Mr. Atul Marwah, a 4th generation woodpreneur, EvoWood is a wood engineering brand that provides versatile solution for manifold interior and structural applications in homes, offices, hotels etc. The brand aims to simplify woodworking and provide unprecedented solutions and applications to the industry. The name “EvoWood” comes from the word “Evolving” (Evo) and the core product “Wood”, which is the essence of the company meaning “Woodworking Evolved”.

From trading in timber to processing it into finished products, EvoWood comes with a rich legacy of more than a century in the lumber and manufacturing vertical. With an array of unique products and concepts, EvoWood combines experience with expertise to produce innovatively designed solid wood products that blend aesthetics with practical utility distinguishing it from the rest of the interior industry.

EvoWood offers products ranging from economical to premium, making them affordable and viable for all kinds of applications.

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